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Swedish Health is a Dubai based company focusing on import of premium healthy FMCG and health care related products from Northern Europe to the MENA region. We only work with products that are No.1 in terms of brand or function in their respective category and home market, and that we believe will truly benefit the MENA consumer.

While working closely with our European suppliers to secure that our products are introduced in the region under the best possible conditions, we usually take full responsibility for product adaptations, registrations, distribution and marketing as well as financing of these activities.

Swedish Health currently mainly focusing on the GCC region including the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain. The region has a population of 41m and a GDP per capita of TUSD 24 (1).

The GCC region is suffering from one of the highest prevalence of obesity (>30%) and of diabetes (>20%) in the world with a steady rise of non-communicable diseases as a consequence (2). This is mainly driven by a rapid change in lifestyle over the last decades. However, awareness has been increasing over the last years and consumer interest in maintaining good health is now significant – 80% of GCC consumers now report that maintaining or improving health is of increasing importance and 75% of consumers report placing more, or significantly more, emphasis on choosing products that are simultaneously healthy and tasty than they did a few years ago (3).

Consequently, UAE and Saudi Arabia consumers are now among the top users in the world for low-fat food products, herbs and supplements etc. (4) is owned and managed by Swedish Health Food Distribution LLC.

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