Nutridiet in Ramadan

Nutridiet in Ramadan


Nutridiet DatesThe Holy month of Ramadan is a festive time of self-discipline throughout the fasting day and reward after one breaks their fast. More often than not, it can, however, bring along with it some health risks if not maintained in a healthful way. The main one is weight gain. But this doesn’t have to be the case; actually Ramadan can be a month of managing your weight and an opportunity to lose weight when sustained in a positive way. Nutridiet Shakes can do just that, by introducing a healthy alternative to both breaking your fast, and beginning your daily fast, with our selection of nutritious shakes during the month of Ramadan.


During Ramadan, it is highly important for individuals to maintain a healthy diet, especially when fasting in hot climates which cause major fatigue. Nutridiet’s concept encourages you to kick start your day with a shake at Suhour time, providing you with enough energy to sustain you throughout your day with its high content of Soy protein and long lasting Soy fiber. Additionally when breaking your fast at Iftar time, consuming a Nutridiet shake first thing will restore and replenish your body with the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed after a long day. It also will fill you up to a moderate level that you aren’t urged to over eat during the Iftar meal. After the shake wait about 20-30 minutes before you start your meal, and make sure your meal is healthy and balanced with all the food groups you need. You can always opt to have another shake a couple of hours after your Iftar meal as a nutritious snack.


Example Ramadan eating plan with Nutridiet

Nutridiet Ramadan Plan healthy ramadan


Nutridiet is a great alternative to eating a large meal, which can result in feeling sleepy and also slowing down your metabolism. Nutridiet shakes give you that boost of energy, rehydrate you with all the essential vitamins and minerals and reduce the hunger cravings. The shakes can also be consumed with a variety of added ingredients and blended with fruits such as date, bananas or strawberries.


nutridiet shake ideasCheck out these delicious, wholesome blended Nutridiet recipes you can prepare during Ramadan to get your energy up and restore your body with all the right nutrition.

1) Nutridiet Chocobanana
– One sachet of Nutridiet Chocolate
– Three dates
– Half a banana
Blend all items in a blender to create a smoothie

2) Nutridiet Forest Fruit Date Delight
– One sachet of Nutridiet Forest Fruit
– Three dates
– Handful of blanched almonds
Blend all items in a blender to create a smoothie

3) Nutridiet Strawberry Recharge
– One sachet of Nutridiet Strawberry
– One tablespoon of honey
– Half banana
Blend all items in a blender to create a smoothie

Dalia Shukri
Head Nutritionist


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