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*”Nutridiet helped me gain back my self-confidence at work” -Hanzy

“Nutridiet helped me gain back my self-confidence at work” -Hanzy

hanzy before weight loss
I had been overweight since I graduated in College until i started working, I always worried that I was on the edge of getting Obese Stage 1. I tried so many diets over the years, and hundred times vowed to quit eating unhealthy foods, but I failed a thousand times and weight loss seems to be impossible for me. I couldn’t help but craved and starved. And we all know losing weight is not always an easy task, and it doesn’t really work overnight.

Last quarter of 2013 when I had a “Weight Wake-Up Call” our Company issued a new uniform and it doesn’t really look good on me. And my Boss says that no matter how beautiful and expensive the materials are for the uniform, it will always looks lousy on someone who’s wearing it and doesn’t fit! (I like his sarcasm sometimes, he is the best boss). Each time my Boss and colleague would tease me about my weight, I feel depressed and down. It reduces my self-confidence. So I tried going to the gym doing hardcore exercise, but it is not consistent due to my shift work schedule. Going On and Off the Gym, and it seem that it makes me bigger and bigger as the day goes by.

I always rant about how difficult to reduce weight, and then my friend Jamie asked me to try Nutridiet, I tried it, then my life began to turn around. I followed the Nutridiet program and I step on a scale every single morning to monitor my weight. My first week was tough, but I am dedicated and motivated to become fit and to lose weight.hanzy after weight loss Surprisingly after 7 days of drinking the Nutridiet I dramatically lose 2 kilos yes 2 kilos! Amazing isn’t it? So I stuck myself with the program and make the Nutridiet a part of my daily life, and within 2 months of drinking it I eventually lost 22 pounds. Wow! I dramatically lose weight! Now I attained my normal body weight and feel good about myself, I can wear my uniform perfectly giving a good impression to my friends and colleagues. For the first time in my life, I don’t only reduced weight but I gained back my self-confidence and Through Nutridiet, healthy eating choices and exercise, it feels like I am completely new woman.

My close friends witnessed my stories and indeed weight loss seems to be achievable. But it requires proper dedication and determination.
Now, most of my friends are now on the same track, drinking this healthy and yummy Nutridiet as I am and I am glad that I am part of making difference in their lives by just being an example and simply sharing how to live a healthy and good life!

* Weight loss depends on a number of individual and external factors such as initial weight, metabolic rate, level of physical activity, among others, and therefore may differ from one person to the next.


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