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*”I lost 3.5kgs by 10th day” – Minal Shah

“I remember that day, it was my husbands birthday and I asked him that what gift he would prefer, he was not sure of any gift but in joking way he asked me to lose some weight as a gift, but I took it seriously. But the big challenge with my body is I don’t lose weight fast. Even though I do exercise for 1hr everyday.
I have also gone for strict diet to lose some pounds, but unfortunately it never worked.
The day of his birthday we planned to watch a movie in Dubai Mall, and then some window shopping. And there I found this girl asking me to taste Nutridiet, though was not sure about its weight loss program, but still insisted my husband to buy one box for me and also convinced him to buy full weight loss program of 7 pack, once this works on me.
Frankly speaking one box I tried, 3 packets a day, but dint work on me so much as my body is too stubborn. But somehow I believed it will work. So I forced my hubby to buy the whole package of weight loss.
Second week I started noticing the difference in me, I got a weighing machine home to check…and at my surprise I lost 3.5kgs by 10th day.
Wow! That was an achievement for me and then there was no looking back.
I completed my whole program and here I am with 9.5kgs knocked down.”
– Minal Shah


* Weight loss depends on a number of individual and external factors such as initial weight, metabolic rate, level of physical activity, among others, and therefore may differ from one person to the next.


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